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About Us

We Are Ascent

We are a premier provider of software development products and services. Our development methodologies focus on quality and value, a rigorous approach to processes, and not being afraid of challenging the norm. This results in successful projects and satisfied customers in various sectors across the World.

Our corporate ethos is based on four key values:

Strong customer relationships

Our customers are our partners and we aim to foster long term relationships that protect each party, with services which are consistent in value.

Focus on Process

Strong process application is core to our software development, significantly reducing risk in the projects we undertake. This ensures consistent, successful delivery. We work regularly with both Agile and Waterfall methodologies as well as on a Time and Material (T&M) basis.

Employ only the best

We have a strong group of talented developers in whom we constantly invest. Our training and personal development programs ensure our employees are always on top of their game.

Trust and Integrity

We instil in our employees the importance of protecting our customers’ interests and maintaining confidentiality at all times.

What We Do

About Us

Our partners, people & case studies

Ascent is successful because we believe in developing software the right way. By building on our experiences we have developed a mature and robust application life cycle model. Strong processes alone, however, are not enough and we complement this with a brilliant team of software engineers, ICT specialists, and developers whose skills, dedication, professionalism, and enthusiasm have been instrumental to our growth.

Our Case Studies

We have, since inception, been involved in some very exciting and rewarding projects in various sectors. We have dealt with telecoms, manufacturing, and foreign exchange to SharePoint projects and even space engineering. A number of case studies are presented below. These highlight the type of challenges we typically face in a project and the methodical approach we employ to solve them. This is how we ensure that only the highest quality and value product or service is delivered. 

Our Partners

We have a carefully chosen network of international partners. Their role is to identify opportunities and work closely with the Ascent Team to deliver them successfully. This collaboration allows us to identify customers’ requirements, find a solution (technologies and architecture) and then provide best-of-breed software development services. In this way we design, develop, and implement a solution that meets the customers’ needs and expectations. Our Partners regularly meet our team in Malta to understand our processes clearly and to ensure that our customers get the best value.

Our Team

Our software specialists hold a minimum of a first degree in ICT, Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics. Many also hold post-graduate degrees at Masters and Doctoral level.  We foster an environment of knowledge-sharing coupled with continuous learning, and we invest heavily in the professional development of our team through training and further education.  


What We Do


We offer various services within the software development life cycle.

  • Technical and Functional specification
  • Product and Architectural design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Testing
  • Support
  • Consultancy

The type and scope of service we provide for each customer or project depends on the skills and experience of the customer ’s or partner ’s own software team, their current available capacity, the urgency of the project, etc.

We engage with our customers/partners either on a Time & Material basis or on a project basis(Waterfall or Agile).

The following is a list of our technical areas of expertise:

SharePoint & Dynamics CRM

We are an accredited Microsoft Gold Partner and have built and delivered numerous projects/solutions in both MS SharePoint and MS CRM. We are experienced in SP 2010, 2013, SPO and O365 as well as MS Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2015.


We can help you to design and build complex data warehouses that allow you to analyse and mine your corporate data using business intelligence and big data tools.

Special skills

We have a specialised team of top graduates that focuses on finding optimal or near-optimal solutions to problems in areas such as manufacturing, scheduling, time tabling, process optimization, monitoring and control, finance, market and sport prediction, and medicine. These require advanced techniques from artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, pattern recognition, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, and neural networks.

Embedded Software

Our expertise ranges from boot loaders, test harnesses, middleware application development, device drivers, as well as SDKs and Codecs.

Bespoke Development

In cases when the customer requirements cannot be met by a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution, we have the in-house capability to analyse and specify the customer requirements, design and develop a solution, and then deploy the solution and provide on-going support and maintenance.


What We Do


At Ascent Software we market, deploy, and support two of our own products – the Swift Postal suite of postal automation tools and the Trident Suite of Cash Pooling products. These products are in used by several customers all over the World.

The postal sector worldwide is facing new challenges. Faced with the loss of traditional revenue streams, postal organisations have to constantly reinvent themselves to survive. Swift Postal, our suite of award winning software solutions, offers the modern post office the necessary tools to help achieve this change. It simultaneously ensures compliance with UPU regulations and also introduces new revenue streams. Swift customers include MaltaPost, Guernsey Post, Barbados Post, Curacao Post, BVI Post, and Jersey Post.

More information on the Swift Postal suite can be found at


The Trident Suite is an innovative and evolving software suite of tools servicing the finance and fiduciary sectors. Modules include cash pooling, book-keeping, payments, and TAP integration. The Trident Suite was designed and developed to deliver significant value on three main fronts:  

  • Automate tasks and improve efficiency
  • Assist in reducing risk and ensuring compliance
  • Contribute to the introduction of new revenue streams
Our Technologies

How We Work

Our Work Process

At Ascent, process is central to our working philosophy. We believe that diligent and efficient processes are at the heart of every successful business. Embracing process reduces risk for both our customers and ourselves.

We are comfortable working with both Waterfall and Agile methodologies and can assist our customer in determining which methodology is best suited for their project or engagement. 

Every engagement starts with a set of intensive workshops, allowing both parties to understand the challenges faced, the current environment, and the solution required. In addition, these workshops clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of each party, as well as the teams required to make the project a success. The choice of ongoing engagement / communication methodology depending on the expected deliverables and timelines is also established.


Agile allows for incremental releases of the software solution, allowing for maximum flexibility of project delivery. 


The Waterfall methodology is a sequential design process which is used to deliver upon clearly defined specifications. 

Skill sets & Technologies

Our Expertise

We have a wide range of technical experience in-house and have delivered substantial solutions to a variety of industries. Listed below are the main technology spaces where we have built significant skills and expertise over the last years

SharePoint & Dynamics CRM

We have been developing solutions in SharePoint and CRM for the last 8 years and have delivered significant project all the over world.Our expertise in SharePoint covers SP 2010, 2013, O365 etc.and in CRM 2011, 2014 etc.

Bespoke Development

When an off - the - shelf solution is not a viable option, we can assist by designing, developing, and delivering a bespoke solution customised to fit your specific needs.With our talented team of developers, we can design and tailor solutions to meet the precise requirements of our customers.

Embedded Software & Low level development.

We have delivered a number of projects in this specialised area of software development for customers in the automotive, medical and engineering sectors.Our expertise ranges from boot loaders, middleware application development and device drivers to SDKs and codecs.

Special Skills

Bringing a wealth of very sophisticated skills to the table our Specials Skills team is focused on problems that require artificial intelligence solutions and / or complex mathematical techniques.

  • MS SharePoint
  • MS Dynamics CRM

Collaboration & CRM

  • C# & VB.NET
  • Java/J2EE/EJB
  • JavaScript & Ajax
  • PHP & Perl
  • HTML 5
  • C++
  • Xamarin

Development Languages

  • MS BI stack
  • Oracle BI
  • Business Objects

Business Intelligence

  • MS SQL
  • Oracle


Our Locations

News & Events

What's Happening

News & Events


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